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Thank you for your interest in advertising on Horse-Races.Net. If you are interesting in adding a banner to the rotation at the top or bottom of each page, please contact to buy keywords to show up there.

If you are interested in a smaller button type advertisement like the ones to the right, you can contact me in the form below. These can be set up for all pages or only specific pages according to your needs in sizes of up to 125 pixels square. Pricing for these type ads will be on a per month basis and are negotiable depending on your specific requirements. Another placement available is the 234x60 half-banner on the handicapping and racetrack pages so you reach a highly targetted group of viewers interested in handicapping. Pricing for these is also per month basis. A similar ad is also available on the Triple Crown or Breeders' Cup pages on a seasonal basis.

Currently the top right and second right 125x125 spots are available. I can also add a 125x125 in the top left corner on request. The top left would only shot on the main page, but the other two are on every page of the site. The top right square would be $600 per month, the second right space would be $400 per month. The top left spot would be $300 per month. I do offer tracking on each click that you can view to see how many people click through on it. If you are interested, please contact me in the form below.

Here are my traffic statistics from my webserver for 2016:

of visits
Jan 2016   25,177    95,816   231,545
Feb 2016   25,218    91,212   186,719
Mar 2016   29,161   107,817   214,330
Apr 2016   33,045   113,508   241,971
May 2016   51,852   140,201   265,880
Jun 2016   33,743   105,713   217,783
Jul 2016   28,521   102,232   249,117
Aug 2016   31,304   115,854   259,008
Sep 2016   27,464   102,242   226,978
Oct 2016   31,910   119,448   301,971
Nov 2016   36,526   119,213   321,696
Dec 2016   30,460   108,888   288,374
Total 384,381 1,322,144 3,005,372

You can also view some statistics on traffic from Please contact me if you have specific questions.

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